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Investments/Securities/Wealth Management Data Model/Glossary
Abstract Structure

Investments/Securities/Wealth Management Data Model/Glossary

We offer a comprehensive Universal Data Model® as well as a Universal Business Glossary™ for money managers, brokers, dealers, wealth management organizations and all types of investment organizations. Some of the areas/domains covered are:

  • Parties involved such as issuing organizations, dealers, contra brokers, money managers, underwriters, financial institutions, financial advisors

  • Financial objectives, needs and plans of investors

  • Investment vehicle information such as equities, fixed income, mutual fund, derivatives, options, annuities and all forms of financial securities as well as index information

  • Financial investment product regulations and rules such as SEC regulatory requirements

  • Agreement and contract information associated with accounts

  • Financial account information such as holdings of securities, parties involved in the account, and account performance.

  • Details of the various financial account transactions such as buys, sells, purchase and redemptions

  • Financial statement and account notification information

  • Risk analysis models

  • Analysis on performance, returns, assets managed, and activity of financial accounts (in star schema design)

  • Transaction activity such as transactions and volumes for various types of transactions and types of securities (in star schema design)

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