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Len Silverston is a personal and corporate mindfulness facilitator, speaker, and coach,. He has studied and taught many forms of consciousness practices and life development skills for over thirty years. He has attended, staffed, and/or led hundreds of days of silent, intensive retreats as well as many dozens of life development workshops. He
began practicing Zen intensely with Hollow Bones, attending and staffing retreats, and was fully ordained as a Zen Priest in 2011 by Roshi Junpo Dennis Kelly. He now leads transformational corporate mindfulness programs, retreats, workshops, and personal coaching which incorporate a great variety of mindfulness techniques and have helped many people and organizations transform. For additional information on how he helps with personal transformation, please also see his site

He is also a best-selling author, consultant, and speaker in the field of data management and human behavior and has presented keynotes and performed consulting throughout the world through his organization. He started, established, and led Oracle Australia’s and Oracle Asia’s consulting and training practice as well as started, established, owned, and ran numerous successful businesses. He has won numerous awards including the prestigious DAMA (Data administration management association) International Achievement Award as well as DAMA International Community Award.

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