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The Human Side of

Enterprise-Wide Programs

A key to any enterprise-wide effort such as a data management program, governance program, a roll-out of any holistic program is to understand the personal, cultural, and political environment, and consciously employing proven principles to enable success. The most successful programs usually share one thing in common: an effective environment that provides fertile ground for collaboration.

This course will explore principles and techniques to help understand and move toward an environment that enables people to effectively work together. It will review case histories of successful and unsuccessful efforts, illustrating why some programs succeed and others fail, as well as what we can do to avoid pitfalls and apply techniques that have worked for other organizations. There will be interactive exercises where participants can practice handling difficult issues that normally arise, by applying principles leading to effective data integration.

You Will Learn

  • Political and cultural factors that are key to enterprise-wide program efforts

  • Tools and principles to enable collaboration, such as keys in facilitating a common vision, developing trust, balancing short term and long term objectives, relating to audiences, moving incrementally, and managing conflict

  • Real-life stories of how culture and politics either blocked or fostered programs

  • Case examples and exercises allowing participants to practice overcoming challenges that data integration professionals often face

Who Should Attend

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Any professional focused on collaborative efforts or programs across an enterprise

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