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Clapping Audience

Praise for Universal Mindful Seminars

“Great instructor, I liked the fact that he used lots of success stories and examples. Great timing since we were just beginning our enterprise-wide program efforts.”

"Bring Len back next year. Very practical tips from this seminar."

"Great speaker, great content, great slides, great message :)"

"Great points about key things needed to succeed."

"Dynamic, practical advice - extremely relevant."

"BEST practical advice on human element."

"Outstanding orator."

"Great content, practical steps, topic not appreciated. Very good speaker - lively, energetic, passionate - kept interest up and presentation moving."

"Excellent speaker with important soft skills of deploying governance."

"wrote '10++'"

"Perfect. Kept it interesting, was able to touch all core and important issues."

"Awesome speaker. Fresh twist that is vital to success!"

"One of the highlights of  any seminar I have seen."

"Excellent is very small word - thoroughly enjoyed this."

"Excellent, had content I could apply immediately."

"Worth the price of admission right here."

"Best seminar!! Well organized, useful, addressing the real issues and solutions

what a fantastic seminar - on the mark on every note - great speaker! Very effective and critically important info and guidance."

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