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Not every organization has a $2 million dollar budget to spend on their data warehouse solution. That's why Universal Data Models has developed template data warehouse solutions which have saved organizations tremendous amounts of time and costs in developing their data warehouse architectures and designs.

Universal Data Models has a proven methodology to develop data models, data warehouse designs and data mart designs in a fraction of the time, while increasing the quality of the designs. Universal Data Models has helped numerous organizations jump-start their data warehouse efforts using their proven, extensive library of re-usable data warehouse and data mart designs providing quality data warehouse and data mart designs in as little as 10 days , thus enabling extremely favorable return on investment for our clients.

Universal Data Models offers template designs, consulting and training on our template models and designs within the following areas:

  • Manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

  • Health Care

  • Insurance

  • Financial Services

  • Professional Services

  • Travel

  • E-Commerce

  • Customer Service Analysis

  • Marketing and Sales Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Human Resources Analysis

  • Operational Analysis

  • Restaurant Menu Sales Analysis

  • Financial Analysis for Education Industry

Additionally, our Universal Data Models can assist you in developing your underlying data model (Data Model Jump-Start Program) which may be the basis for the data warehouse design. Universal Data Models has a standard methodology and training courses on how to move from the data model to the data warehouse design to data mart development.

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