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At Universal Data Models, we have successfully helped many organizations develop, establish and execute on data governance programs and achieve substantial return of investments in these programs, for example, one program won an international achievement award, based on the return on investment they received. We have a great amount of templates, training, materials, and success in helping jump-start these programs.

We can help your organization quickly and efficiently set up a data governance organization. We offer consulting and guidance in the following areas:

  • Data governance strategy and plan

  • Data governance organization structure, roles, and responsibilities. We offer templates regarding various ways that governance organizations can be set up and templates for the various roles, responsibilities, skills and training needed for various roles including possible options and alternatives.

  • Establishment of domains, and sub-domains as well as the format for how data will be inventoried

  • Development of data definitions standards and processes with template standards and guidelines that can be customized

  • Development of data rules including templates and guidelines regarding what can be captured in rules

  • An issues management process, templates regarding what data needs to be captured to prevent and resolve issues. 

  • A measures and metrics strategy and how they can be practically applied to the program and individual projects.

  • Types of data governance tools and systems

  • Data governance policies, procedures, and project checklists

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