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Business Glossary

Jump-start Program

Having a clear, consistent, and enterprise wide accepted business glossary can have a huge effect to improve productivity, facilitate more effective communications, decrease costs of systems development and maintenance, increase data quality, and enhance systems integration. Yet, so many organizations struggle to develop a commonly accepted vocabulary of business terms. 


Save tremendous amounts of time, cost and effort in getting your Business Glossary up and running by re-using template definitions for your industry, laid out in an organized hierarchical structure, and that is customizable for your organization. Using a proven method for quickly developing a quality Business Glossary, we can help your organization by re-using templates and tools that provide a comprehensive approach to developing a Business Glossary.


This program provides consulting and guidance using a comprehensive methodology for defining and managing Business Glossary terms including:

  • Jump-starting the setting of standards for defining Business Glossary terms. This includes a template with 16 common guidelines for developing quality Business Glossary terms, which we then customize to your organization.

  • Jump-starting the development of a business glossary using ‘Universal’ constructs saving huge costs and time

  • Jump-starting the development of the Business Glossary hierarchical structure by re-using ‘Universal’ constructs that have been proven to work in various industries

  • Identifying and managing critical data elements for the glossary

  • Developing the appropriate processes for managing the glossary by re-using processes that have worked for other organizations

  • Templates for establishing data rules and other important information about each glossary item

  • Guidance on how to facilitate collaboration and resolve differences between semantics, definitions, and rules to provide consistency across the enterprise

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